Setting up your website - 7 Steps

You website is pre-installed with a WordPress website with the essential plugins to make optimization of your site easier.
It is good to remember that a website on its own without constant tweaking and updating is of no value to you. Your website needs the essential tools that we discuss here for Search Engine Optimization and to develop a good relationship with your site visitors and customers.

In this article we will discuss the Alora Theme and how to customize it to suit your needs.
Each of the steps below are published as a separate article and contains an instructional video.

The video below has been added for those who wish to install WordPress on their own.
It's easy to remove a WordPress installation and start from scratch.

Step 1
Changing the colours and feel of the essential elements in your theme.
Working with the header, title and tag line.

Step 2
Create a sider with a movie and one with pictures

Step 3
Configure the online store

Step 4
Understanding the function of each of the essential plugins
Yoast - Sumo - ContactForm

SEO and your site

Step 6
Add Categories and Products to your store

Step 7
How do you want to receive your funds online.

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