Setting up your All In One Hosting

Introduction to the All In One Hosting Plan

The All In One Hosting Plan comprises of a free domain name, free pre-installed website, and online store. All the essential plugins have been installed and configured to optimize your website. This is just an introductory video showing the All In One hosting package and Control Panel. 

Setup your Website and E-commerce Shopping Cart
Follow our step by step tutorials to set up you website and e-commerce online shop.
Alora Theme is provided with a omplete set of tools and widgets to make your site appealing.

The following plugins have been used:

Yoast SEO plugin
This plugin is used to optimize your website incuding every page, post, category and product. It also provides a SEO score to show you how well you are doing with your page title, focus keyword, images etc.  Fix Broken Links - The important thing about Yoast is that it offers the ability to connect your Google account to your website. How does this help? You are able to see pages that result in a 404 - not found result and fix them. Generally broken links or obsolete links can be redirected in your control panel / cPanel which means that you will not lose traffic to old pages but redirect them to your new pages.

List Builder and E-mail Marketer
SUMO is the e-mail list builder and sharing plugin. Among many other tools such as heat maps, welcome mat, enquiry form etc., you will be able to build an effective mailing list, legitimately and send mail to these visitors.

WooCommerce Online Shop
Everything you will ever need to sell anything beautifully and professionally. With its amazing shipping module you will be able to setup shipping zones and set zone pricing.PDF Invoices for WooCommerce is included to make sundry invoicing a breeze.

Automatic Creating of Site Maps for Google
Most importantly is that the plugin is able to automatically create site maps for your pages, categories, products, posts, authors and so on. All that will be left for you to do is to link them to your Google tools account and then request that they be indexed by Google. Google does not look favourably on a website that does not have a robot.txt file and sitemaps.
Sitemaps are created in XML format with priority and other important details.

Learn How to Setup Your Google Webmaster Account
Every website owner needs a Google Webmaster Acount. We will teach you how to setup your Google account and list your website there and take advantage of all Google's offerings to make your website perform better.

Learn How to Link Your Website to Google Analytics
This is an important feature if you wish to analyse visitor behaviour on you website. Here you will be able to set goals and monitor how well your goals are working.

Learn How To Add Your Business to Google Search
This is where you will be able to add all of the important and relevant information about your business. Here you will be able to create posts, add movies and pictures to your Google Search profile. People searching for you products or services will be sure to see your listing as well as others. Paid Google adverts appear on the top and bottom of the search page. Everything in between is a result of data 

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